Zone and tariff exceptions

Publication date: 23.03.2022

Rules for boundaries of tariff zones determination.

1. Zone exceptions

As a rule, a zone stop (marked with the text STREFA/ZONE/) is the last stop, at which a bus or tram stops in the area of specific municipality before its administrative boundary. This stop ‘informs’, that the zone (municipality) boundary will be crossed behind it. Because of that, passing through such a stop or starting travelling from it, an increased fare is applied. Depending on the number of crossed zones (municipalities), in which the journey is carried out, an appropriate fare should be paid, in accordance with the price list valid in the ZTM transport. Deviations from this rule are applied only in the case of stops mentioned below.

In the case of fast lines, which buses do not stop at all stops, a zone stop is the last stop within a municipality, at which a bus of such line stops. Such a stop does not have to be marked with the text STREFA.

2. Tariff exceptions

Tariff exceptions are deviations from the Tariff for persons and luggage transport in the urban transport organised by the Metropolitan Transport Authority (ZTM).