Offer for employers

Publication date: 02.09.2020

Sustainable transport is an element of corporate social responsibility principles implementation. Our goal is to start cooperation with employers, so that also companies would start being active in the promotion of urban transport among their employees.

Care of the environment
Less noise and traffic jams
Care of common space
No problems with parking
Multimodal system of travelling
A large network of connections



To a large extent the public transport is a response to the contemporary problems of cities. The active participation in promoting this awareness is a signal that companies have started responsible actions to improve the quality of our common space. A symbol of carrying out tasks aimed at reduction of contemporary problems.

The Metropolitan Transport Authority (ZTM), the transport organiser in the area of the Upper Silesian - Zagłębie Metropolis, has prepared a special offer for employers.

Let us work together to improve the quality of life in the Metropolis.


Some other benefits for you?

Integrate with the current trends, operate in the CSR spirit – inspire employees to choices resulting in a better life of all of us.

  • public transport is an inseparable element of a modern metropolis,
  • urban transport = modern style of life,
  • promotion of the urban transport expresses the care of the environment,
  • reduction of noise, smog, and traffic jams.



  • possibility to use tickets as benefits – employers decide on their own, how the intra-company settlements will be carried out and whether they want to participate somehow in the cost of tickets for their employees,
  • savings on charges for parking spaces,
  • possibility to cut the costs related to company cars,
  • possibility to use advertising media for free.




For ticket packages we offer discounts even up to 10% of their price. Specified values of the contract entitle to a discount for the tickets purchase

  • from PLN 4,650 to 9,300 per month – 5%
  • from PLN 9,393 to 13,950 per month – 8%
  • PLN 14,000 and more a month – 10%


A quick and efficient purchase – the invoice is settled between the ZTM and the company. Employees receive remotely encoded tickets on their ŚKUP cards.



The partner indicates the number and type of tickets – we sign the contract.

The employer provides us numbers of ŚKUP cards with the information, what ticket is to be encoded on each of them – the payment is carried out based on the invoice.

Within 3 days of the payment date the tickets will be encoded on the indicated cards.

Users update their cards – via the application of directly in the urban transport vehicles.

Companies, which will buy tickets for a specified amount within a year, will have a possibility to enjoy promotional services offered by the ZTM*.


Amount paid for ticketsPossibility to use the ZTM advertising area for free

PLN 55,000 – 100,000 a year

Advertisement on tickets reverse – 5,000 pads – 500,000 tickets.

The value of advertisement service – PLN 15,000.

PLN 101,000 – 165,000 a year

Advertisement on tickets reverse – 10,000 pads – 1,000,000 tickets. Posters on the airport lines – 6 vehicles/month.

The value of advertisement service – PLN 31,800.

PLN 166,000 a year

Advertisement on tickets reverse – 15,000 pads – 1,500,000 tickets. Posters on the airport lines – 6 vehicles/month. Advertisement on the airport line bus back – a month.

The value of advertisement service – PLN 48,750.

The minimum number of tickets in one transaction – 30. The minimum contract duration – 3 months.

how to start the cooperation?

Contact us: Advertisement and Marketing Office, 32 74 38 403, 32 74 38 503, e-mail:



Ecological and effective – one bus can carry so many persons as travelling in a few dozen cars! Less cars means savings of time, because due to less traffic jams the ride is faster. It is not necessary to look for a parking space or lose time waiting to leave the city centre.


Effective – choosing the public transport it is possible to travel faster, in particular on most popular routes and commuting to city centres.


Fashionable – the trend to use alternative means of transport, including the urban transport, is increasingly more visible in the greatest world metropolises.


Cheaper – the cost of public transport use is lower than in the case of individual transport - by an own car. Travelling by the urban transport you pay for the ticket only. A part of public transport costs is covered from taxes, because the urban transport contributes to improving conditions of all residents life – even those, who do not use it.