Service points

Publication date: 19.12.2018

1. ePOP

To deal with any matter without leaving your home, we recommend the ePOP. Select the topic of the matter, click the right icon and we will direct you to the right channel.


Interaktywna mapa ZTM
Interactive map with connection search engine

– check the location of stops, ticket machines, or points of sale

System Dynamicznej Informacji Pasażerskiej
Dynamic Pessenger Information System

– check the actual time of vehicles departure and use other attractive functions of the Portal


Rozkłady jazdy i trasy
Timetable and routes

– check, when a bus, tram, or trolleybus leaves

Wyszukiwarka połączeń
Contact us

– via the hotline

Złóż wniosek, reklamację czy skargę
File an aookucation or complaint

(not related to ŚKUP cards)


2. Passenger Service Points

At PASSENGER SERVICE POINTS (POP) it is possible to obtain information on the urban transport and to file claims, complaints, applications and grievances.

At POPs it is also possible to file applications for a personalised ŚKUP card and to code a concession on the card.

Points sell tickets. Passengers can buy there all types of single travel, season, and supplementary tickets - paper and electronic, to charge a ŚKUP card, to obtain all information related to the system operation and to the card use as well as to block a ŚKUP card.

3. Points of sale

Additionally passengers have available more than of 800 points of sale throughout the entire conurbation, where it is possible to encode a ticket on the card or to obtain a non-personalised card. The points are situated in shops and kiosks with newspapers. They are labelled with a large ŚKUP logo

4. Ticket machines

Passengers can use two types of ticket machines:

  • Stationary Card Charging Machine (a ŚKUP system machine).
  • Solar machines (which do not service ŚKUP).