Publication date: 01.07.2020

Metropolitan Transport Authority, Barbary 21a, 40-053 Katowice

Basic contact details

Zarząd Transportu Metropolitalnego

ul. Barbary 21a

40-053 Katowice

Hotline operates 24 hours a day, 
7 days in a week

Toll-free number

800 16 30 30;

Toll numbers*

(32) 74 38 446, (42) 291 04 05;
* tolls acc. to the operator’s tariff

Fax: (32) 25 19 745


24h ŚKUP card blocking (42) 291 04 05, 800 16 30 30

Address of electronic mailbox register: /METROPOLIAZTM/SkrytkaESP

Press Office of the Metropolitan Transport Authority

Issues related to current operations of transport, punctuality, cleanness, technical condition of travelling vehicles. All the information on the tariff and its current provisions, clarifications related to announced tender proceedings, cooperation with operators, or contracts performance  – tel.: 32 74 38 403.

Press spokeperson of the Upper Silesian - Zagłębie Metropolis (GZM)

Questions related to the strategy and transport development, planned innovative solutions, carried out concept work (related e.g. to the modification of connections network, modification of operating IT systems). Implementation of systemic solutions in the public transport within the Metropolis area, in the fields including cooperation with railways, introduction of rules applicable to visual identification of vehicles, implementation of new payment systems, signing agreements, and all Metropolis plans and intentions in the field of the public transport improvement in the GZM area
Ms Kamila Rożnowska – tel.:  32 718 07 60

Cases handling via ePUAP:
on the website provided below in the field “Select the authority or institution, to which you send the letter” select the Metropolitan Transport Authority (ZTM) (40-053 KATOWICE, WOJ. ŚLĄSKIE)
Send a General letter

Number of the Metropolitan Transport Authority account, to which payments of additional charges should be transferred:
Santander Bank Polska 45 1090 1186 0000 0001 3708 1372