Buy a ticket or charge ŚKUP

Publication date: 31.08.2021

1. Set up or charge ŚKUP

2. Buy ticket via mobile

Mobile applications enabling to buy tickets via a mobile phone: Transport GZM, Mobilny ŚKUP and SkyCash, mPay, moBiLET, zBiletem, jakdojade.

3. Single travel tickets

Single travel (short-term) tickets are available in the zone-time version (passengers pay for zones - where one zone is one city, or for the time) or in the distance tariff, in an electronic and paper form (in the distance tariff payment only in an electronic version). Tickets can be purchased:

- in the electronic version: for a personalised and non-personalised ŚKUP card (at all stationary points, ticket machines, via Internet on the Customer Portal) and via a mobile phone,

- in the paper version: at points of sales, at POPs, ticket machines, and from the vehicle driver (only the Network/90min ticket).

4. Medium-term tickets

Passengers can use daily and 24-hour medium-term tickets.

5. Long-term tickets

Passengers can use the following long-term tickets:

  • 7-day, City 30, 2 Cities 30, City 90, 2 Cities 90, Network 30, Network 90 and Network 180. Also is available Network 30 Bearer.

6. Tickets multi-journey

Tickets entitle to a specified number of journeys (twenty, forty, eighty - depending whether the passenger chose ticket ‘M-20’, ‘M-40’, or ‘M-80’, respectively) without a possibility of transfers, by all ZTM bus, tram, and trolleybus lines. Tickets are valid for 180 days from the date determined during the purchase. These tickets are available only in an electronic form on a personalised ŚKUP card.

7. Tickets group for 5 persons

The tickets entitles to a single journey of a group of maximum five persons during 90 minutes from the moment of validation. These tickets are available in an electronic and paper form. They can be purchased:

- in the electronic version - for a personalised and non-personalised ŚKUP card (at all stationary points, ticket machines, via Internet on the Customer Portal) and via a mobile phone or other devices approved by the ZTM,

- in the paper version - at ticket machines.

8. Metrotickets

Metrobilety (Metrotickets) (and ‘24h + Kolej (Railway))’ tickets are a special offer dedicated to passengers using the ZTM urban transport (trams, trolleybuses, buses), Koleje Śląskie trains in the area of GZM, and POLREGIO trains on the Katowice - Sławków section. Metrotickets are monthly tickets, available only in an electronic form, they are encoded on a personalised ŚKUP card. Passengers have a choice of seven variants of this ticket: Katowice zone, five colour zones, and the ticket for the entire Metropolis. Overall, passengers may choose among seven different monthly tickets. More information is available on the website

9. "Airport"

Travel by airport lines is possible on the basis of each ZTM ticket.

10. Offer for participants of cultural, scientific, educational, sports, and mass events

The offer is addressed to organisational units of municipalities - members of the Upper Silesian-Zagłębie Metropolis - and to the other event organisers. Tickets entitle to travel by all lines of public transport organised by the ZTM, including additionally express lines to the airport. They are dedicated to participants of events attended by at least 50 persons. Tickets are sold based on a contract concluded with the ZTM, which also specifies tickets distribution rules and form. A possibility to purchase an entitlement valid up to 12 hours is allowed - the value of the entitlement is calculated as 50% of the price stated per 1 person. Detailed information on this offer is provided in the ‘Tariff for persons and luggage transport in the public transport organised by the Metropolitan Transport Authority (ZTM)’.

11. Tariff

12. Price list

13. Metropolitan concession for children and youth

From the beginning of 2018 children and youth up to 16 years of age and living in the area of member cities of the Upper Silesian - Zagłębie Metropolis can use the transport free of charge. The entitlement can be used only based on the concession encoded on the ŚKUP card. Apart from the aforementioned concession, entities, referred to in § 9 of the Tariff for persons and luggage transport in the urban transport organised by the Metropolitan Transport Authority (ZTM), are entitled to concessionary and free journeys.

14. Ticket machines

Passengers can use two types of ticket machines. The basic ticket machine is a Stationary Card Charging Machine (SADK) – a ŚKUP system machine, while ticket machines supplied by solar energy were additionally commissioned – so-called solar machines, which do not service ŚKUP cards, but are designed for sales of selected paper tickets.

I. The Metropolitan Transport Authority (ZTM) operates more than 120 Stationary Card Charging Machines – so-called ŚKUP machines. Their basic functions are as follows:

1. Sales of single-travel (short-term) and medium-term paper tickets, with a possibility to buy a few different tickets in one transaction (so-called shopping basket functionality).

2. Sales of single-travel (short-term) and season electronic tickets for a ŚKUP card.

3. Service of ŚKUP cards:

- Issuing non-personalised cards.

- Change of card’s PIN code.

- Charging the card account – so-called e-purse.

- Checking the card status – e.g. the type and validity period of encoded tickets, balance of funds on the account, type of concession assigned.

- Displaying the list of recently carried out operations with the e-purse use.

4. Accepting payments for the tickets and services sold, using one of 3 payment channels:

- Cash – accepting and giving change in PLN coins (10 gr, 20 gr, 50 gr, 1 zl, 2 zl, and 5 zl) as well as accepting PLN banknotes (10 zl, 20 zl, 50 zl, and 100 zl).

- Payment cards – service of VISA and MasterCard debit and credit cards, including VISA payWave and MASTERCARD payPass cards, used for proximity payments.

- ŚKUP Cards – service of personalised and non-personalised cards.

5. Displaying information on timetables, ZTM messages, and the tickets and services price list.

6. Sales are served in 4 languages: Polish, English, German, and Ukrainian.

II. As a target, passengers will be capable of using 10 solar machines. Already 6 such devices have been installed. In those ticket machines it is possible now to pay only with coins (with face values from 10 gr to 5 zl), but ultimately also the payment by means of proximity cards will be started. Menu of machines is available in 4 languages – Polish, English, German, and Ukrainian. What is important, these machines do not service the ŚKUP system.

15. Tickets return

Passengers can apply for a return of an active ticket at Passenger Service Points. Their locations are provided on the ZTM website in the Service Points tab.