Publication date: 25.08.2021

1) With a single-ride ticket only the time counts now. What would happen if a delay occurs and, e.g. due to traffic jams, the validity of ticket expires, instead of 20 minutes the ride takes 30 minutes? 

In the ZTM tariff, at single-rides the time tariff is in force, in which the amount of fare depends on the travel time, reflected in the timetable. Pursuant to the provision of § 3 sub-para 16 - In the case, where due to a vehicle delay, the travel time of a passenger based on the held single-ride/short-term or ‘Group’ ticket will be shortened as compared with the timetable travel time, the validity period of such tickets shall be extended by this delay.

2) Is the student’s concession limited to a specific age?

No, the student’s concession is without age limitations, however, it does not apply to post-graduate or doctoral courses.

3) What are the tickets in force on metropolitan and airport lines?

A standard tariff is in force on metropolitan and airport lines. They may be used based on all ZTM tickets. Detailed information on the ticket offer may be found on the ZTM website in the Buy a ticket or charge ŚKUP tab.

4) Where is it possible to return a long-term ticket?

Tickets may be returned at Passenger Service Points.

5) Where are Passenger Service Points situated?

Passengers have 10 Passenger Service Points available, situated in eight cities: Katowice, Bytom, Chorzów, Gliwice, Piekary Śląskie, Sosnowiec, Tychy, and Tarnowskie Góry. Detailed addresses are available on the ZTM website in the Buy a ticket or ŚKUP - Service Points tab.

6) Is it possible to buy ZTM tickets via a mobile phone?

Yes, ZTM tickets are available in the following applications: Mobilny ŚKUP, SkyCash, mPay, moBILET, and Jakdojade. All ZTM tickets are available in the case of the first application, in the others - single travel and medium-term.

7) Is it possible to travel using one ticket by the ZTM and Koleje Śląskie transport?

Yes, it is possible based on Metrotickets and tickets ‘24h+Kolej’. This is a special offer dedicated to passengers using the ZTM urban transport (trams, trolleybuses, and buses) and Koleje Śląskie trains. Metrotickets are monthly tickets, available only in the electronic form - they are encoded on a personalised ŚKUP card. Passengers have 7 variants of Metrotickets to choose. Instead, ‘24h+Kolej’ tickets are bearer tickets, valid for 24 hours from the date and time selected during the purchase, or from the date and time of purchase, or from the moment of activation. More information on Metrotickets and ‘24h+Kolej’ may be obtained on the ZTM website in the Buy a ticket or ŚKUP - Price List tab.

8) Can an 8-year old child travel for free by the ZTM transport?

Yes, children and youth from 7 to 16 years of age, having the place of residence in the area of GZM, can travel by the ZTM transport free of charge. The condition consists in encoding a special concession on a ŚKUP card.

9) Is it possible to buy a ticket from a driver of the ZTM transport?

Yes, albeit passengers can buy from a driver only a ‘90 min’ ticket, therefore we encourage to choose another sales channel.

10) Where is it possible to find information on the planned and current changes in the ZTM transport?

It is best to find the planned changes in the urban transport on the ZTM website in the Plan your trip - Timetables - Messages tab. Current changes in the ZTM transport are available on the ZTM-Alert on Facebook profile.

11) Is it possible to suspend a ticket?

No, passengers cannot suspend ZTM tickets, but they can return long-term or multi-ride tickets recorded on a ŚKUP card. Tickets may be returned at Passenger Service Points. More information on tickets return may be obtained on the ZTM website in the Buy a ticket or ŚKUP - 14 tab. Tickets return.

12) Can a ‘2 Miasta 30’ ticket be valid in the area of 2 municipalities, which are not neighbours?

Yes, but if the selected two cities (municipalities) are not neighbours, the ticket does not entitle to travel in the area of cities (municipalities) situated between the selected cities (municipalities).

13) How can a passenger recover the luggage lost in the ZTM transport?

In the case of leaving the luggage in a vehicle running to the ZTM order, the passenger should contact directly the operator serving the line, on which the luggage was left. The operators data are available on the ZTM website with timetables in the Operators tab. Which operator serves a specific line may be also checked on the ZTM website with timetables, selecting a specific line number (information on the carrier is available at the page bottom).

14) Where is it possible to file an application, claim, complaint?

Passengers may file applications, claims, and complaints via a form available on the ZTM Public Information Bulletin page or writing to the e-mail address: kancelaria@metropoliaztm.pl.

15) Is it possible to carry an animal in the ZTM transport vehicles and is it necessary to pay a fare for it?

Passengers can transport a household animal in vehicles, observing the regulations on persons and luggage transport in the urban transport organised by the Metropolitan Transport Authority (ZTM), which is available on the transport organiser website, in the Buy a ticket or ŚKUP - Transport regulations tab. No fare is paid for the transport of an animal.

16) What a metropolitan concession is? For whom is it intended, and what should be done, to enjoy it?

The metropolitan concession entitles to free travelling by the urban transport organised by the ZTM. It is intended for children and youth from 7 up to 16 years of age, living in the area of municipalities, members of the GZM, and in the area of municipalities, which have signed an agreement with the GZM. It must be encoded on a ŚKUP card. It is encoded only once. Entitlements encoded on the ŚKUP card based on a valid document, containing the child’s name and surname as well as the date of birth, confirming the place of child’s residence (e.g. a school ID, school mLegitymacja presented on the screen of a mobile device, certificate issued by: the city/municipality office, school, kindergarten, social welfare centre, foundation organising places of stay for refugees), and if all the aforementioned documents do not provide the information about the address of the place of residence, additionally it is indispensable to submit at a POP by a parent/legal guardian of the child or the child, which is 13 years old, a written statement about the child’s place of residence.

17) In what cases is it possible to pay PLN 50, instead of PLN 550, for travelling without a valid ticket?

If the passenger has paid all previous charges, if any, or is not in debt to the ZTM, then he/she will be capable of reducing the additional charge from PLN 550 to PLN 50, provided that at the same time he/she purchases the Network 180 ticket. In addition, the passengers, who regularly buy tickets (during half a year the overall validity period of long-term tickets and Metrotickets is at least 170 days), but for various reasons it happened to them to travel without a valid ticket, and the time from the expiry of the last personal ticket is shorter than 3 days, will be capable of obtaining the reduction of the additional charge to PLN 50.

18) Whether a passenger, who with a 40 minute ticket will travel 5 minutes longer, will have to pay PLN 550 of the additional charge?

The maximum exceeding of the time cannot last longer than 10% of a given ticket validity, i.e. 2, 4, or 9 minutes, respectively; that is for a 40 minute ticket the excess cannot be longer than 4 minutes.

19) Before the Tariff change a dozen or so single-ride tickets have been purchased. Can I continue using them? 

Single-ride tickets, paper and electronic tickets, purchased prior to the price list changing can be used (validated or activated) till the end of October. In this period these tickets, in accordance with the introduced changes, will be valid only in the time tariff, not in the zone-tariff. During the next two months, till the December end, the paper tickets purchased before the change can be used, but already with a ticket supplementing to the amount resulting from the current price list. The same applies to group and daily tickets.