Free of charge bus lines for the Parade on the occasion of Polish Army Holiday

Publication date: 07.08.2019

The organisation of Polish Army Holiday celebrations in Katowice will result in major changes in transport in the area of the Metropolis capital. On 15 August this year the main city streets will be closed for traffic, the urban transport will be running according to temporary timetables or on changed routes, and special bus lines S1 and S2 will be additionally started.

On Thursday 15 August the city of Katowice will host the army and most important state authorities. The organisation of the Parade is a great project, which brings major changes for drivers and for urban transport passengers. The following streets will be closed for traffic, inter alia Aleja Korfantego (on its entire length), Aleja Roździeńskiego, and Bagienna, Chorzowska, Jagiellońska, Rondo gen. Jerzego Ziętka, and the tunnel under the roundabout. To retain the residents and guests comfort car parks were determined in Katowice suburbs, which on the day of the event will work as transfer centres. Special free of charge bus lines marked S1 and S2 will be started, ensuring access and return from car parks into the event area. The car parks in question have been determined in the area of the Silesia City Center shopping mall, of the IKEA market, and of the Agata furniture showroom.


The routes of special lines are as follows:

  • S1: Katowice SzkolnaKatowice Dąbrówka Mała Novosam
  • S2: Katowice Dąb Silesia City Center Katowice Chorzowska Katowice Plac Wolności


We encourage to travel by the urban transport and to accept the offer prepared by the Metropolitan Transport Authority (ZTM). It is worth to be especially careful during the travel planning and to familiarise yourself with messages, available on our website:

Obsługa pasażerów w dobie koronawirusa [Aktualizacja: 14 XII]
Obsługa pasażerów w dobie koronawirusa [Aktualizacja: 14 XII]

W trosce o podróżnych oraz pracowników organizatora transportu, wprowadziliśmy wiele zmian w zakresie obsługi pasażerów. Poniżej przedstawiamy najważniejsze informacje dotyczące obsługi pasażerów.

Dodatkowe tramwaje na Sylwestra
Dodatkowe tramwaje na Sylwestra

W noc sylwestrową będą dodatkowe tramwaje – specjalne połączenia uruchomi Zarząd Transportu Metropolitalnego. Skorzystają zwłaszcza świętujący na Stadionie Śląskim, gdzie odbędzie się największa impreza w regionie – „Sylwestrowa Moc Przebojów“.