Big changes in the urban transport in Gliwice. New timetables for 50 bus lines

Publication date: 24.11.2022

The Transfer Centre in Gliwice will be officially opened on the 10th of December. However, buses will be able to use this facility already a week earlier. On the 3rd of December numerous changes will be introduced in the urban transport operation. They will comprise approx. 50 lines operating in the area of 21 municipalities.

The project of traffic organisation change in Gliwice is one of the biggest in the ZTM history. The transport organiser, together with the Gliwice City Office, was preparing its implementation for a few months. The commissioning of the Transfer Centre means big changes in the urban transport operation in this city. Modifications will comprise approx. 50 bus lines, including also such, which routes go outside Gliwice. Also residents of other cities, e.g. Zabrze, Knurów, and Pyskowice, should learn the descriptions of changes.

From the 3rd of December, 32 stops served by 44 lines of urban transport (apart from long-distance lines) will be situated in one place, in the Transfer Centre in Gliwice. This means that travellers will be capable of using convenient transfers, due to which it will be possible to go to various parts of the city and Metropolis. Overall, changes will comprise approx. 50 bus lines (M1, M14, M16, M18, M100, M104, M105, M116, A4, 6, 8, 32, 41, 47, 57, 58, 59, 60, 71, 80, 93, 112, 120, 126, 156, 187, 194, 197, 202, 224, 232, 236, 250, 259, 280, 287, 288, 617, 636, 650, 669, 676, 678, 687, 692, 694, 699, 702, 840, A4N, 32N, 60N, 692N, and 840N), because they also include such lines, which routes do not go through the Transfer Centre. 

The service of the Sikornik district and Obrońców Pokoju housing estate in Gliwice will change. The coordination of departures of lines 126, 156, and 687 will improve the regularity of connections in the Sikornik district, while of lines 187, 287, 699, and 702 in the Obrońców Pokoju district. This means that bus departures will be carried out in more even intervals than so far. 

As a standard, at such big changes in the urban transport operation, the ZTM will ensure that passengers will be provided additional assistance. In the first days after the modifications will take effect, so-called field information employees will help travellers at the most important stops to use the bus connections. Detailed information on the planned changes may be obtained already now by calling a free hotline (800 16 30 30) and via the Internet - in the Messages tab on the ZTM website. 


Graphics: Bezpłatnie na mecze
Bezpłatnie na mecze

Autobusy, tramwaje i trolejbusy będą do dyspozycji kibiców piłki nożnej, którzy odwiedzą Zagłębiowski Park Sportowy w Sosnowcu. Bezpłatnie będzie można podróżować na podstawie biletów na mecze: Zagłębie Sosnowiec – Motor Lublin i Zagłębie Sosnowiec – Chrobry Głogów.


From the 9th to 11th of December it will be possible to use all the bus, tram, and trolleybus connections for free. It is enough to download a special coupon, which will enable the holder to go there and back for lectures, workshops, and other attractions of the event, including a special mobility stand.