Fare dodgers from Silesia and Zagłębie paid back already PLN 30 million of their debt

Publication date: 09.03.2023

PLN 30 million is the amount paid back to the Metropolitan Transport Authority (ZTM) by the fare dodgers from Silesia and Zagłębie. Taking into account the last 4 years this is one of the highest incomes on the paid up additional charges in the urban transport in the whole country.

In the middle of the last year as many as 87 thousand fare dodgers from the Silesian Voivodeship were registered in the database of the National Debt Register of the Economic Information Office SA (KRD BIG). This number should be a warning for all dishonest passengers, in particular those from Silesia and Zagłębie, because, as it turns out, the inspection and recovery system of the Metropolitan Transport Authority is one of most effective in the country. The income on paid up additional charges, which are popularly named fines, exceeded the threshold of PLN 30 million. This is the amount calculated from the beginning of 2019, that is the very beginning of buses, trams, and trolleybuses operation under the ZTM logo. 

ZTM representatives indicate two main reasons for such a good result. The ‘automation’ is the key word. A fully automated database of fare dodgers with systems, which register the debtors. Each fare dodger, who evades the fine payment, gets to the KRD BIG SA and to the BIG InfoMonitor SA. Secondly, the inspectors work has been automated. They use increasingly modern devices, which not only facilitate, but also accelerate their work. Effects? In the first year of the ZTM operation 90,500 inspections were conducted, and in 2022 already 126 thousand. This is an increase by nearly 40 percent. 

Every year in its reports the ZTM also draws attention to other issues, which decide about the development of the inspection and recovery system. Attention is drawn by e.g. numbers describing cases directed for litigation. In 2019 there were 2,600 such cases, and in 2022 already more than 21 thousand, that is an increase by 700 percent. An even higher growth trend has been recorded by the ZTM for the number of cases initiated by judicial enforcement officers, In 2019 there were nearly 1,300 such cases, and in 2022 already more than … 14.6 thousand, that is an increase exceeding 1000 percent. 

Apart from the mentioned judicial proceedings and judicial enforcement officer cases, regular fare dodgers must also consider implications resulting from committing a fraud, that is a petty offence consisting in a confidence trick without the intention to pay the amount due for travelling without a ticket for the third time in a year. During 4 years the ZTM notified the Police of 3,000 such cases, which usually end up with a penalty of a fine, short-term detention, or restriction of liberty. An honest purchase and validation of tickets is the simplest method to avoid all these troubles. However, if, for any reason, someone has received a fine, it is best to pay it as soon as possible. Almost 20% of fare dodgers decide to do that within 14 days. This allows to reduce the amount due. 

The system may be additionally tightened up 

The ZTM provides services on approx. 550 lines in 56 municipalities. This is a huge area and just due to that at least one hundred of new persons could be employed as ticket inspectors.

A new company established by the ZTM, the Serwis GZM (GZM Service), is to help in the additional tightening up of the inspection and recovery system. It is to be involved inter alia in recruiting drivers and making them available to carriers, servicing stops, and, crucial in this respect, tickets inspection. 


Graphics: Zmodernizowana pętla w Rudzie Śląskiej Chebziu i zmiany w ruchu tramwajów
Zmodernizowana pętla w Rudzie Śląskiej Chebziu i zmiany w ruchu tramwajów

Po zakończeniu przebudowy pętli Chebzie i rozpoczęciu modernizacji torowiska wzdłuż ul. Dworcowej w Rudzie Śląskiej, wprowadzone zostaną liczne zmiany w funkcjonowaniu komunikacji miejskiej. Zaczną one obowiązywać od najbliższej soboty (25 maja) i obejmą ponad 10 linii tramwajowych.

Graphics: 2024 Silesian Students Festivals: Katowice starts a free bus line to the Trzy Stawy (Three Ponds Valley)
2024 Silesian Students Festivals: Katowice starts a free bus line to the Trzy Stawy (Three Ponds Valley)

The City of Katowice and the Metropolitan Transport Authority (ZTM) start a special line for the Students Festival. Buses, marked S1, will operate between the Katowice Sądowa and Osiedle Paderewskiego Trzy Stawy stops. Rides will be free of charge.