Changes in the ZTM transport operation

Publication date: 26.04.2019

Changes in the urban transport operation in Świętochłowice, Zabrze, Bytom, Dąbrowa Górnicza, and Tychy will be introduced in the first days of May. Modifications are related to investments carried out by Tramwaje Śląskie, but they also are a response to passenger proposals and needs. While free weekend lines, going to Paprocany, will return in Tychy.

We encourage to learn the information about changes in the transport operation. A few timetable modifications are under preparation. It is worth remembering about them.

From 1 May


At the request of Bytom residents changes are introduced in the timetable of bus line No 183 on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. Changes consists in starting two additional journeys on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays between Bytom Miechowice Pętla and Bytom Dworzec at 6:13 and 22:00 and one additional journey on Sundays and holidays between Bytom Dworzec and Bytom Miechowice Pętla at 21:59.


Also the timetable of bus line No 969 will be changed. On working days buses after leaving the ‘Siewierz Dom Kultury’ stop will be directed to serve Tuliszów, so that the school youth would be able to return from school after the end of classes. Journeys from the aforementioned stop are delayed: from 15:10 to 15:15; and from 16:10 to 16:20. To unify timetables also those journeys on working days during school breaks and holidays are delayed in the same way.

Wojkowice, Będzin, Dąbrowa Górnicza

Also an adjustment of timetable for bus line No 25 is introduced. The new timetable assumes moving the departure on Sundays and holidays from the ‘Wojkowice Żychcice Cmentarz’ stop 5 minutes earlier - from 04:11 to 04:06, to enable getting to the area of Huta Katowice in Dąbrowa Górnicza to bus line No 606, at the ‘Będzin Aleja Kołłątaja’ stop.

To Tychy Paprocany by free ZTM transport

In the period between 1 May and 31 August in the area of the city of Tychy four additional free lines will be started, which shall improve access to the Paprocany Recreation Centre. The lines will be marked as: PAP1, PAP2, PAP3, and PAP4. They will be operating only on Saturdays and Sundays, and on 1 May, 3 May, and 15 August.

  • PAP 1 line

Tychy Wilkowyje Obywatelska – Wilkowyje Działki – Wilkowyje Wąska – Chłodnicza – Radziejówka – Gen. Andersa – Dworzec PKP – Budowlanych – Carboautomatyka – E. LECLERC – Begonii – Harcerska – Hetmańska – Suble Chałupnicza – Suble Działki – Żwaków Borowa II – Żwaków Myśliwska – Żwaków Nowa – Żwaków Św. Elżbiety – Żwaków Cmentarz – Żwaków Rondo – Żwaków Legionów – Osiedle „L” – Cztery Pory Roku – Sikorskiego Kościół – Osiedle „W” – Paprocany Dymarek – Tychy Paprocany Pętla

  • PAP 2 line

Tychy Mąkołowiec Pętla – Mąkołowiec Jastrzębia – Mąkołowiec Objazdowa – Mąkołowiec Sikorek – Mąkołowiec Bociania – Mąkołowiec Kolibrów – Mąkołowiec Gilów – Słowicza – Sokola – Powstańców – Browar – Targowisko – Stadion – Pływalnia – Edukacji – Filaretów – Szpital Wojewódzki – Wyszyńskiego – Lodowisko – Osiedle „O” – Osiedle „T” – Paprocany Dymarek – Tychy Paprocany Pętla


  • PAP 3 line

Tychy Wartogłowiec Pętla – Wartogłowiec Szkoła – Wartogłowiec Kościół – Wartogłowiec Zwierzyniecka – Zwierzyniec Wiosenna – Zwierzyniec Działki – Czułów Katowicka – Czułów Astrów – Browar – Targowisko – Park Niedźwiadków – Niepodległości – Urząd Miasta – Tęcza – Wyszyńskiego – Lodowisko – Osiedle „O” – Osiedle „T” – Paprocany Dymarek – Tychy Paprocany Pętla 

  • PAP 4 line

Tychy Czułów Pętla – Czułów Osiedle – Leszczynowa – Czułów Szkoła – Czułów Katowicka – Czułów Astrów – Browar – Kościuszki – Rynek – Begonii – Harcerska – Hetmańska – Stoczniowców 70 – Osiedle „R” – Osiedle „K” – Skałka – Hale Targowe – Hala Sportowa – Piłsudskiego – Osiedle „T” – Paprocany Dymarek – Tychy Paprocany Pętla

Major changes from Monday, 6 May, for the time of extensive tram track renewal in Świętochłowice

Many tram timetables will be modified. Everything because of the tram infrastructure reconstruction in Bytomska street in Świętochłowice. Changes will take effect from Monday after the long May weekend till 27 May. Changes are as follows:

  • line No 7 - introduction of route: Katowice Zawodzie Zajezdnia – Chorzów Rynek;
  • line No 11 - adjustments to the departure times;
  • line No 19 - adjustments to the departure times;
  • line No 47 - temporary line operation on the route: Ruda Śląska Chebzie Pętla – Łagiewniki Targowisko – Bytom Plac Sikorskiego – Bytom Szkoła Medyczna (replacing tram lines No 7, 17, and 46);
  • lines No 17, 40, and 46 - operation suspended.

Instead, from 6 May departure times of line No 9 will be permanently adjusted.

Substitute bus transport will be started, marked as T-7, operating between Chorzów Batory Zajezdnia and Bytom Łagiewniki Targowisko with a frequency of 15 minutes. The ‘Łagiewniki Targowisko’ stop will be served at a temporary location in Świętego Piotra street.

On the ‘Bytom Plac Sikorskiego’ stop trams of line no 47 going towards Medical School will serve the stop for line 49, and going towards Chebzie an additional temporary stop situated in the area of closed stop of lines No 6 and 19 towards Katowice.

A new route of line 199 in the area of Zabrze

From 6 May line 199 in the area of Zabrze will be permanently going along a modified route. Towards Ruda Śląska it will be going down streets: Paderewskiego, Dorotki, Rogoźnicka, Obrońców Westerplatte, and Sikorskiego. Towards the Zabrze centre (to Goethe street) it will go down streets: Mendego, Rogoźnicka, Dorotki, and Paderewskiego. To serve the line two additional bidirectional request stops will be added: ‘Zabrze Pawłów Bieniasza [nż]’ at Dorotki street and ‘Zabrze Pawłów Rogoźnicka Cmentarz [nż]’ at Rogoźnicka street, and the existing ‘Zabrze Kończyce Cmentarz’ stop at Paderewskiego street.

Graphics: The location of passenger service point in Gliwice will change
The location of passenger service point in Gliwice will change

From the 5th of December the POP in Gliwice will be situated in the newly opened Transfer Centre. Passengers will be capable of handling their matters and transfer to the selected means of transport in one place.

Graphics: ZTM prepared additional information for passengers communing to Gliwice
ZTM prepared additional information for passengers communing to Gliwice

On the 3rd of December, in relation to the commissioning of the Transfer Centre in Gliwice, the operation of approx. 50 bus lines will change within the city area. The Metropolitan Transport Authority (ZTM) emphasises, that these lines also include such, which routes go outside Gliwice and due to that also residents of e.g. Knurów, Pyskowice, and Zabrze should learn about the modifications. To facilitate the use of urban transport for passengers from these cities, the transport organiser has prepared now additional information materials.