Publication date: 21.11.2023

An increased number of connections on hitherto lines, coordination of bus departure times of various lines, and starting new connections – these are the next convenient solutions introduced in the urban transport by the GZM municipalities and the Metropolitan Transport Authority (ZTM). This time the benefits will be enjoyed primarily by passengers from Mikołów and Tychy, but also from Łaziska Górne and Wyry.

The modification of connections network, announced for the 25th of November, will cause that the travelling by the urban transport in the southern part of the Upper-Silesian and Zagłębie Metropolis will become even more comfortable and attractive in relation to the individual transport. The local governments of Mikołów, Tychy, and Ruda Śląska made it possible that the ZTM can introduce changes comprising 7 bus lines: M18, 75, 82, 245, 268, 568, and 982.

The most important changes

The changes in the southern part of the Metropolis are introduced by the ZTM in agreement with 3 municipalities, Mikołów, Ruda Śląska, and Tychy. The last of mentioned cities was the initiator of modifications. – Tychy was the initiator of changes on this route to optimise costs, which we incur for the transport, and also, and perhaps first of all, due to the start of metropolitan line M18 and improvement in the connections with the economic zone. Our objective is to ensure as good as possible transport service for the youth from other municipalities, who attend schools in Tychy, and to encourage employees to choose Tychy as their place of work – says Ms Hanna Skoczylas, the director of the Office for Sustainable Development at the Tychy City Office.

The starting of a new circular line, 568, should be definitely considered one of most important changes. Its route will pass through Mikołów and the line will include service of industrial areas in this city.

A new timetable will be introduced for line 75. It assumes the increasing of the number of journeys on working days and holidays, including an increased number of connections on working days, which serve the zone at Przemysłowa street in Tychy. In addition, the departures have been coordinated with buses of lines M18 and 268.

Persons travelling towards the Halemba mine in Ruda Śląska should learn the changes in the connections network. Line 982, instead of 82, will ensure the possibility to get to this place from Mikołów. Also, the transfers at the Mikołów Dworzec stop will be ensured from line 75 to 982 towards Ruda Śląska, and from 982 to 75 towards Tychy.

The changes applicable to line 235 are also worth considering. Firstly, connections will be started on this line on holidays. Secondly, the number of journeys on working days will be larger. The residents of the Reta district and of the southern part of Mikołów will benefit from both these changes. Line 268 will also have a new route and an increased number of journeys.

Full information on the ZTM website

The information about all the changes introduced on the 25th of November has already been published on the ZTM website, in the Messages tab. That place also comprises the maps, which illustrate the new routes. The transport organiser will also organise a field information campaign. On Saturday (25th of November) and on Monday (27th of November), information employees will be providing assistance at 5 locations. Persons interested in the changes in the southern part of the Metropolis can also call the free hot line, working round-the-clock (800 16 30 30).


Graphics: Rozwijamy się na wiosnę. Od 1 marca w Transport GZM nowe możliwości
Rozwijamy się na wiosnę. Od 1 marca w Transport GZM nowe możliwości

Z taryfy Transport GZM znikają dotychczasowe bilety 30-dniowe i „kolorowe” Metrobilety. Wszystkie bilety 30-dniowe zmienią się w Metrobilety, a każdy Metrobilet daje możliwość podróżowania również Kolejami Śląskimi i POLREGIO. Do tego dochodzi uruchomiony kilka dni temu Metrorower, z którego posiadacze wszystkich biletów okresowych mogą korzystać bez dodatkowych opłat przez 60 minut dziennie. Autobusami, tramwajami, trolejbusami, koleją i Metrorowerami.

Graphics: Masz bilet na mecz Zagłębia? Nie płacisz za podróż
Masz bilet na mecz Zagłębia? Nie płacisz za podróż

Kibice, którzy wybierają się na mecze Zagłębie Sosnowiec – Podbeskidzie Bielsko-Biała oraz Zagłębie Sosnowiec - Odra Opole będą mogli bezpłatnie korzystać z komunikacji miejskiej.