New tickets are already in place. Other prices in the urban transport starting from sunday

Publication date: 27.02.2020

A new Tariff for persons and luggage transport in the urban transport organised by the Metropolitan Transport Authority (ZTM) will take effect on 1 March. The transport organiser successfully completed tests of the IT system, and in cooperation with municipalities it started an information campaign. Most tickets will be cheaper or their prices will not change. Only single-travel paper tickets will be more expensive, which will have an entirely different appearance than now.

The most important changes include price reduction in the distance tariff, simplification of ticket names, and introduction of multi-journey tickets. A solution enabling e.g. group journeys is also a novelty. The new price list is primarily a more flexible and simplified proposal. We encourage to familiarise especially with the distance tariff, in which prices were substantially lowered. Only single-travel paper tickets will be more expensive. The ZTM wants to persuade passengers that electronic solutions are cheaper and more ecological.

Changes do not end up with new prices. From 1 March single-travel paper tickets will be available in a new graphical layout. The ZTM already got them. They feature a convenient vertical orientation. Moreover, graphical accents were arranged in a different way. The information related to the ticket type is most emphasised - for one city or for 20 minutes, for two cities or for 40 minutes, or for three cities or for 90 minutes. So this information, which is most important for a passenger, was distinguished. Also security features will be a strength of new tickets - both the visible and invisible ones. The former ones include a hologram applied by a hot-stamping technique, paper with its own watermark with fibres visible in the paper structure, typographic number stamp, raster lines with different widths, and a relief pattern in the background.

Single travel paper tickets purchased before 1 March will remain valid after the tariff change. These tickets can be used according to rules so far till 14 March. After that date they will also entitle to travel, however, each time so-called supplementary tickets of 10 grosz face value will have to be purchased - so that the total price of previously purchased and supplementary tickets would comply with the binding tariff.

The transport organiser successfully completed tests of the IT system and started the information campaign. Moreover, it prepared and sent to municipalities, which were willing to cooperate, informational-promotional materials. So it will be possible to familiarise yourself inter alia in city institutions and in the social media. However, the website remains the best source of information about the new tariff. It provides complete regulations related to tickets tariff and descriptions. The ZTM encourages also to use a free and working 24 hours a day hotline.