Publication date: 13.09.2023

On the 28th of September we will say goodbye to the ŚKUP system. The data comprised by it will be transferred to the Transport GZM system. Because of that, gradually, with an appropriate advance, the subsequent functionalities in the hitherto system will be switched off.

The passengers will be all the time capable of conducting all transactions in the new system, in the mobile application and the Transport GZM portal, which are replacing the ŚKUP system. The ŚKUP cards will also remain in use during that time, excluding the situations mentioned below. 

New cards ordering  

On the 13th of September the possibility of filing applications on the Customer Portal and ordering new ŚKUP cards to be dispatched to the address will be switched off. If the validity date of your card expires in September, you can use it till the end of the month. The ŚKUP cards, issued earlier with a longer period of validity, remain valid and may be used as an account identifier in the new system. The new cards, Transport GZM, will be available from the 1st of October at kiosks, ticket machines at stops, and at Passenger Service Points.  

On the 22nd of September, also the possibility of ordering new ŚKUP cards at the Passenger Service Points and ticket machines will be switched off.  

Limitations in the access to the e-purse 

After the 22nd of September the possibility of using the funds collected in the e-purse will be eliminated. If you plan to use these funds to pay for the tickets (e.g., for a long-term ticket ending in the meantime), do that before that date. Till that date you can also cash back the funds from the e-purse, which is equivalent to the account closing.  

The access to the funds in the e-purse will be unblocked on the 1st of October, you will be able to migrate them to your account in the new system. This will be possible both on the Transport GZM portal, and at Passenger Service Points.  

Key dates in the process 

The 27th of September is the last day of conducting transactions in the ŚKUP system. It will be possible to make them in cash, at kiosks and Passenger Service Points, and without cash (by card or quick transfer) on the portal and in the ŚKUP mobile application. 

The ŚKUP system will be switched off on the 28th of September. The long-term tickets, saved earlier on the ŚKUP cards, will remain valid and will be visible for ticket inspectors during possible inspections. From this date you will not use the single-ride, medium-term, and package tickets saved on the card.  

No tickets or funds from the ŚKUP system ‘will be lost’. It will be possible to use them in the Transport GZM system. 

It is most important for the whole process to establish an account in the new Transport GZM system. In October, the users of the Transport GZM system will obtain a possibility of migrating the data from their ŚKUP cards.  

We apologise for the difficulties  

- The closing of the old and starting of a new system, retaining the continuity of processes, is a difficult and complex process - says Mr Adam Krakowczyk, the Director of the IT Department at the GZM Metropolitan Office. - Nobody in Poland had migrated a transport system on such a scale.  To ensure the transfer of complete data it is indispensable to previously switch off certain functionalities. We apologise for any related difficulties, and we ask for your understanding – he adds. 

To learn more, or to resolve the encountered difficulties, contact the ZTM hotline, please: 800 16 30 30. All the information will also be available on the portal, and on our profiles in the social media.  



Graphics: Zmodernizowana pętla w Rudzie Śląskiej Chebziu i zmiany w ruchu tramwajów
Zmodernizowana pętla w Rudzie Śląskiej Chebziu i zmiany w ruchu tramwajów

Po zakończeniu przebudowy pętli Chebzie i rozpoczęciu modernizacji torowiska wzdłuż ul. Dworcowej w Rudzie Śląskiej, wprowadzone zostaną liczne zmiany w funkcjonowaniu komunikacji miejskiej. Zaczną one obowiązywać od najbliższej soboty (25 maja) i obejmą ponad 10 linii tramwajowych.

Graphics: 2024 Silesian Students Festivals: Katowice starts a free bus line to the Trzy Stawy (Three Ponds Valley)
2024 Silesian Students Festivals: Katowice starts a free bus line to the Trzy Stawy (Three Ponds Valley)

The City of Katowice and the Metropolitan Transport Authority (ZTM) start a special line for the Students Festival. Buses, marked S1, will operate between the Katowice Sądowa and Osiedle Paderewskiego Trzy Stawy stops. Rides will be free of charge.