The Wojska Polskiego street closed and changes in the urban transport

Publication date: 14.03.2023

From the 29th of March 10 lines of urban transport must be changed due to the reconstruction of the flyover at Wojska Polskiego street in Sosnowiec. The modification will apply primarily to regular bus lines, which in most cases will be directed to diversion routes. Because the section above the railway line will be closed, all drivers will experience difficulties.

– This is one of most difficult, in terms of logistics, investment projects in the history of our city, which we have to implement due to the current condition of the flyover. This will not be a repair, but a demolition of the old viaduct and construction of a brand new structure. The works will be carried out above an important, operating railway line, which can be closed for only short periods. If we would construct a new flyover under other conditions, then everything could be done within a year, at the operating railway line the investment will take two years. During the construction works pedestrians will be capable of using the footbridge in the area of the Sosnowiec Dańdówka railway stop. We apologise for the difficulties, explains Mr Rafał Łysy, the press spokesman of the City Office in Sosnowiec. 

The Metropolitan Transport Authority (ZTM) and the Sosnowiec City Office had to plan the changes in the urban transport operation. – At so big investment projects the difficulties are unavoidable, but we have found such solutions, which will minimise the inconveniences – says the ZTM press spokesman, Mr Michał Wawrzaszek. The information should be learned primarily by residents of such districts as Dańdówka, Niwka, and Dębowa Góra, adds Mr Wawrzaszek.

Changes in regular bus lines

Altogether modifications will apply to 10 bus lines. For a half of them – 18, 26, 160, 160s, and 690, the routes will change – and for some journeys of line 902N. Buses will be running on different than so far streets, which means that certain stops, which were served by them, from the 29th of March will be excluded from use.

The next lines subject to changes are 55 as well as 220 and 221. In the case of the first one the timetable will change – buses outside rush hours will be operating approx. every 40-50 minutes. While lines 220 and 221 will be integrated – buses serving them will be running with number 220 from the Szczakowa Dworzec PKP stop, inter alia through Maczki, Ostrowy Górnicze, Porąbkę, Zagórze, Sielec, to the Sosnowiec City Office. This will result in the improvement in the transport offer in Klimontowska street in Sosnowiec – the number of journeys on working days will increase from 8 to 15 in each direction.

Changes in the substitute bus transport

In the case of substitute bus transport the changes will apply to line T-26. On the 29th of March its route will be split into two parts. Both buses T-26, jak and Z-26 will be arriving at the City Office, but the former ones from the side of Mysłowice, and the latter from the side of Dańdówka. 

Where can I find detailed information?

Detailed information on changes in the urban transport operation is provided on the website in the News – Messages tab. Also a map was published there, which illustrates e.g. the new line routes. In addition, just before and in the initial days of changes, the ZTM plans the work of field information providers in the places subject to greatest changes. Passengers will also be able to call free and operating round-the-clock the ZTM hot line (800 16 30 30). 

Graphics: Free of charge by bus, tram, or trolleybus? It is enough to take a coupon
Free of charge by bus, tram, or trolleybus? It is enough to take a coupon

Persons watching the Friday match between teams of Poland and Czech Republic, in the ‘U20 Eight Nations Tournament’, will be able to use for free all the connections of the urban transport organised by the ZTM. It is enough to hold the entry ticket and a special coupon.

Graphics: Katowice, Chorzów, Świętochłowice, Sosnowiec - sporo zmian w komunikacji tramwajowej
Katowice, Chorzów, Świętochłowice, Sosnowiec - sporo zmian w komunikacji tramwajowej

Początek kwietnia przyniesie szereg zmian w organizacji ruchu tramwajowego na trasach łączących Katowice i Chorzów, Katowice i Sosnowiec oraz Świętochłowice i Chorzów. W jednych miejscach ruch tramwajów zostanie wznowiony, w innych wstrzymany. Wszystko to związane jest z realizacją zadań inwestycyjnych prowadzonych przez spółkę Tramwaje Śląskie S.A.