Municipalities and the ZTM will facilitate access to popular bathing beaches

Publication date: 22.06.2023

Holiday timetables in the urban transport will take effect with the end of the school year. They include not only changes in the departure times of buses, trams, and trolleybuses, but also - due to e.g. financial involvement of GZM cities - additional journeys to popular bathing beaches and recreational centres.

The holiday timetables will be effective from the 24th of June till the 3rd of September. - We flexibly adapt the urban transport to the changing needs of travellers. On certain lines we temporarily reduce the number of connections, on other ones just to the contrary - says Mr Michał Wawrzaszek, the spokesman of the Metropolitan Transport Authority (ZTM). - During summer holidays our passengers will be willing to get to places, where they can swim and sunbathe. We will facilitate that to them together with the city offices. On certain lines, due to the financial and organisational support of GZM municipalities, we introduce an additional offer, mainly in the form of additional connections. Several changes deserve special attention - announces Mr Michał Wawrzaszek. 

Regular and additional connections - where will we get due to them? 

Using regular connections it is possible to get to many places of recreational nature. They include Pogoria reservoirs in Dąbrowa Górnicza, where you can get by, e.g., lines 84, 237, 637, 638, 640, and 716, Stawiki in Sosnowiec, to which line T-15 goes, or Paprocany in Tychy, which are included in the routes of such bus lines as 4, 75, 82, 268, 696, M10, and M18, as well as trolleybus lines B, E, and G. 

Apart from all regular lines, which enable access to recreational places, the ZTM, due the favour of GZM municipalities and in agreement with them, has prepared the greatest convenient improvements on 6 lines: 

  • 98 - from Siemianowice and Ruda Śląska to the Dolina Górnika in Chorzów, 
  • 164 and 264 - e.g. from Dąbrówka Wielka, Brzeziny Śląskie, Powstańców and Wyzwolenia housing estates to the MOSiR Municipal Swimming Pool in Piekary Śląskie, 
  • 220 - from Sosnowiec to the Zalew (Lake) Sosina in Jaworzno, 
  • 650 - from the Gliwice Transfer Centre, including through the Kopernika housing estate to the Czechowice Lake in Gliwice, 
  • 659 - from the Plac Dworcowy in Zabrze to the Kąpielisko Maciejów in Zabrze-Maciejów. 

How to plan the access by the urban transport to the places of recreation? 

The best way to do that is to use the ZTM connections browser. It is situated on the website with timetables, in the „Search and map” tab. It is necessary to enter, in appropriate fields, the origin and destination of the ride, that is for example, the place of residence and the address of the facility, to which we want to get. After setting the date and time, and clicking ‘Find the routes”, the system will suggest the ride options. Another method is to call the free of charge and operating round-the-clock, also on weekends, the ZTM hotline, phone number 800 16 30 30. Well-qualified consultants will present the best access options. 


Graphics: Nocne prace serwisowe systemów SDIP i reklamacji [Aktualizacja: 28.06.2024 r., godz. 11]
Nocne prace serwisowe systemów SDIP i reklamacji [Aktualizacja: 28.06.2024 r., godz. 11]

W noc z 1 na 2 oraz 2 i 3 lipca 2024 r. przeprowadzane będą serwisowe prace. Pierwsze z nich będą dotyczyć Systemu Dynamicznej Informacji Pasażerskiej, a drugie systemu reklamacji. W tym czasie niektóre funkcjonalności tych rozwiązań będą niedostępne.

Graphics: Free of charge by ‘Ikarus’ buses during the entire July
Free of charge by ‘Ikarus’ buses during the entire July

The first free line served by historical vehicles will be started on the 29th of June. The next connections have been planned for the next July weekends. All that within the event named ‘GZM Direction’.