New school year, new timetables, more than 30 changes in Various Areas

Publication date: 01.09.2023

The changes, which the ZTM introduces from the 4th of September, will comprise more than 30 bus lines and 5 tram lines, e.g., in Sosnowiec, Gliwice, and Tychy. In addition, starting from Monday, the buses, trams, and trolleybuses will be running in accordance with the school timetables, facilitating getting for and from lessons.

Changes in Zagłębie – new stop names and timetables

After the reconstruction, the trams will again appear in the Małachowskiego street in Sosnowiec. New timetables have been prepared for passengers, who use the tram lines 15, 21, and 22. The journeys will be coordinated so that passengers will be capable of transferring freely and using other connections. The changes will also apply to the trams of line 24, which will be running from Milowice to Konstantynów, inter alia through the Sosnowiec Małachowskiego and Sosnowiec Aleja Zwycięstwa stops. Also, the tram line 27 will be running in a different way, which will connect Kazimierz Górniczy with the Pogoń Akademiki stop, and in certain journeys it will reach the Osiedle Zamkowe in Będzin.

The optimisation of timetables will also comprise connections in Dąbrowa Górnicza. The number of journeys of lines 612, 503, and 606 will be reduced, however, the two latter lines will go further to the Gołonóg Osiedle stop. Changes will also comprise lines 40 and 817.

Also, the modifications resulting from the resolution of the City Council of Czeladź, related to the stop names, are important. Starting from Monday, the Czeladź Os. Musiała stop will be named Czeladź Muzeum, Czeladź Saturn will be renamed Czeladź Kopalnia Saturn, and Czeladź Stacja Pomp nż – Czeladź Wylewy nż. In addition, the passengers will be capable of using a new stop, Czeladź Policja 01, situated in Staszica Street before the slip road into Mysłowicka street.

More efficiently in districts of Gliwice

As a result of timetables optimisation, it will be easier to travel in Stare Gliwice, along Wojska Polskiego Street and in Brzezinka. By the reduction of the number of journeys, e.g., of line 259 in the morning hours on holidays, the route, which now is running from Stare Gliwice Einsteina to Gliwice Zajezdnia, will be extended to Sośnica. What is important, an additional possibility will appear of returning from work from the Gliwice Subzone of the KSSE after 14:00, due to the additional journeys of line 924. Changes will also apply to line M106. The departure times will be adjusted so that passengers will be able to efficiently transfer and to continue their ride in Rudziniec. Selected journeys of this ‘M’ will be shortened to the Gliwice CP – Brzezinka Park Logistyczny route, but instead, they will be running more often. The departure times will also be changed for journeys of lines 57, 187, 280, 287, 692, 693, 699, and 702.

Changes also in the south of the region

Mikołów, Tychy, Bieruń, Orzesze, and Imielin – are the cities, where the lines are running, which, starting form Monday, will be going at other times than usually. A part of journeys will be accelerated, others will be carried out slightly later. We refer to lines K, L, 65, 655, and M108. However, because of the school year and efficient access of pupils to the educational establishments, additional journeys of the lines will be started:  Sz2 at 06:26, from Wygorzele Zimowa to Urbanowice Pogodna Szkoła, and Sz3 at 06:38, from the Urbanowice Przejazd to the Urbanowice Pogodna Szkoła stop.

On the 4th of September, with the start of the school year, the journeys of most lines in the entire ZTM network will be carried out more frequently. This results from the return of ‘school’ timetables, which are adapted also to the pupils’ needs.

We encourage the passengers to familiarise themselves with the timetables and with the detailed message, which may be found on our website Also, our hotline consultants, at the number of 800 16 30 30, provide round-the-clock, seven days a week assistance in the travel planning.


Graphics: Prace techniczne w systemie aplikacji moBiLET
Prace techniczne w systemie aplikacji moBiLET

W związku z zaplanowanymi pracami technicznymi w nocy z 6 na 7 czerwca od godziny 23:00 do 5:00 mogą wystąpić utrudnienia w ciągłości pracy systemu moBiLET oraz możliwości zakupu biletu przez Pasażerów.

Graphics: Honorowanie biletów kolejowych [Aktualizacja: 14.05., g. 8:43]
Honorowanie biletów kolejowych [Aktualizacja: 14.05., g. 8:43]

Honorowanie biletów Kolei Śląskich na liniach autobusowych, tramwajowych i trolejbusowych obowiązywało dziś (14.05.24 r.) do godz. 8:30