New fleet on ZTM microbus lines

Publication date: 03.07.2019

The presentation of 10 new microbuses painted in the colors of the Metropolis took place in Tychy. This is the largest of current orders for this type of vehicles in our country. After the purchase of Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacji Miejskiej Tychy has one of the largest microbus fleets in Poland.

On Saturday, June 29, as part of the City of Tychy, official keys were handed over to vehicles. The producer of PKM Tychy gave them to the authorities. MMI type IVECO 72C URBY cars will ride in metropolitan colors. They are also decorated with a large logo of the Upper Silesia-Zagłębie Metropolis and the Metropolitan Transport Authority (ZTM). They are intended for the provision of transport services within the southern area of ​​ZTM (Tychy and surroundings).

The vehicles are powered by natural gas. They are characterized by innovative, ecological solutions and equipment facilitating passenger travel. The rolling stock has been equipped with a ramp for people in a wheelchair and passengers traveling with a pram to transport children. The total capacity of each microbus is 32 places. In addition, they are equipped with air conditioning, tinted windows, two USB slots for charging mobile devices and a WiFi router. All meet the highest EURO VI emission standard.

The cost of vehicles amounted to over seven million zlotys gross. The purchase of microbuses is co-financed from EU funds as part of a large project entitled "Purchase of a modern fleet of vehicles with ecological drive for the needs of public transport development in the Tychy sub-region".

Vehicles from the beginning of July run on behalf of the ZTM. They can be found mainly on the microbus lines J, K, L, P, R, S, W.

Graphics: Nocne prace serwisowe systemów SDIP i reklamacji [Aktualizacja: 28.06.2024 r., godz. 11]
Nocne prace serwisowe systemów SDIP i reklamacji [Aktualizacja: 28.06.2024 r., godz. 11]

W noc z 1 na 2 oraz 2 i 3 lipca 2024 r. przeprowadzane będą serwisowe prace. Pierwsze z nich będą dotyczyć Systemu Dynamicznej Informacji Pasażerskiej, a drugie systemu reklamacji. W tym czasie niektóre funkcjonalności tych rozwiązań będą niedostępne.

Graphics: Free of charge by ‘Ikarus’ buses during the entire July
Free of charge by ‘Ikarus’ buses during the entire July

The first free line served by historical vehicles will be started on the 29th of June. The next connections have been planned for the next July weekends. All that within the event named ‘GZM Direction’.