Meetings with passengers about mnibus lines

Publication date: 10.05.2023

Three days of discussions, three days of meetings. People in Knurów, Tarnowskie Góry, and Zabrze could participate in the attractions, which were promoting the ZTM urban transport, the minibus lines in particular.

During these three days, the ZTM representatives and the city mayors were meeting the passengers, to talk about the ZTM transport, mainly about the minibus lines. Since December, the connections carried out by minibuses have been linking districts and improving the travelling in the areas, which previously were not reached by the urban transport vehicles.

During the meetings the passengers could answer a questionnaire, have a coffee, and get some transport gadgets.

Photo-coverage of these events is provided below. We were writing more about the campaign and minibus line here. 

Graphics: Zmiana godzin otwarcia POP w Gliwicach
Zmiana godzin otwarcia POP w Gliwicach

22 kwietnia (poniedziałek) Punkt Obsługi Pasażera w Gliwicach będzie czynny do godziny 16:30.

Graphics: Informacja dla użytkowników aplikacji Mobilet
Informacja dla użytkowników aplikacji Mobilet

Operator aplikacji Mobilet zaplanował prace techniczne. W związku z nimi w nocy z 22 na 23 kwietnia mogą wystąpić przerwy w funkcjonowaniu usługi.