The Stefan Batory foundation valued the Metropolitan transport authority

Publication date: 23.02.2023

For a dozen or so years, under the national campaign ‘Masz Głos’ (You Have Your Voice), the Stefan Batory Foundation has been valuing the cooperation between local communities and local governments. This year the Metropolitan Transport Authority (ZTM) and the ‘Trangresja’ Foundation became the laureates of the prestigious competition. The winners, representing the Silesia and Zagłębie, received the prize in the Super Self-Government category.

The Metropolitan Transport Authority was awarded for the readiness to cooperate with NGOs and for the introduction to the urban transport of a number of solutions dedicated to persons with disabilities. Numerous facilities for persons with particular needs have been introduced within a dozen or so recent months. The examples include the standardisation of the volume of acoustic signals in vehicles, introduction to the transport contracts of a provision, that bus drivers cannot turn down the voice messages, an additional announcement in trams: ‘caution - you get out to the street’, or the requirement of contrast marking of thresholds in the bus entrances and on stops. - However, a proprietary solution deserves special attention. These are convex stickers placed on timetable boards. They contain stop names written in Braille, and QR codes, which lead to websites with timetables.

The ZTM has introduced most of solutions devoted to persons with disabilities as a result of its own initiative. As the transport organiser’s representatives emphasise, the systematic implementation of such facilities shall be credited to member municipalities of the Upper-Silesian and Zagłębie Metropolis. Just because of the favour and formal-financial support of local government units it was possible to realise the needs of persons with disabilities.

Also NGOs played a major role in the urban transport adaptation to the needs of all passenger groups, primarily those organisations, which gather persons with disabilities around them. In the case of the ZTM these were primarily foundations ‘Transgresja’ and ‘Ważni Ludzie’ (Transgression and Important People). The fact of transport organiser cooperation with the third sector was noticed and valued by the competition jury.

The official gala of the competition took place yesterday in the Column Hall of the Faculty of History at the University of Warsaw. The jury has awarded 5 ‘Super Self-Government 2022’ prizes. The Metropolitan Transport Authority (ZTM) was the only urban transport organiser in Poland distinguished in this way. On behalf of the ZTM the statuette was received by the ZTM director for controlling, Mr Adam Sujkowski, and the chairperson of the ZTM team for accessibility, Ms Katarzyna Ziomek. 

Detailed information on the results of the competition and on the S. Batory Foundation can be found on the website of ‘Masz Głos’ initiative.


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Zmiana godzin otwarcia POP w Gliwicach

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Informacja dla użytkowników aplikacji Mobilet

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