ZTM price list changed from the 17th of October

Publication date: 05.10.2022

Passengers, who regularly and frequently use the urban transport, buying 90- and 180-day tickets, and blocks of multi-ride tickets, will pay for the tickets the same amount as now. Prices of the other tickets will change below the inflation level.

A two-digit inflation and an increase in fuel prices by more than 40% as compared with the previous year are factors, which result in growing operating costs, also in the urban transport.

Prices of single-ride, Daily, 7- and 30-day tickets will change from the 17th of October.

Most important: Passengers, who regularly and frequently use the urban transport will pay for tickets the same amount as now. The suggested changes will not cover 90- and 180-day tickets, multi-ride tickets, and Metrotickets.

- We are each time very cautious about changing ticket prices. Prior to making decisions we analyse as many as possible factors, which affect the economic situation. We have limited these changes to the indispensable minimum. At each decision we want to make it as little as possible perceivable for persons, who regularly use the urban transport, says Ms Kamila Rożnowska, the GZM press spokesman.

Most important changes in the ZTM price list

New price list of tickets 

  • Prices of a part of tickets do not change. They remain the same as now

From the very beginning the Metropolis’ objective was to make the changes introduced in the price list as little as possible severe for passengers, who use subscription tickets.

Lower unit prices for subscription packages as compared with single-entries are applied also at many other services, like gym entries. Therefore, in the suggestion we have presented, the prices of multi-ride tickets remained on the same level as now. Price changes also do not comprise 90- and 180-day tickets, and Metrotickets, which combine the offers of ZTM and Koleje Śląskie.

Multi-ride tickets will allow to reduce the cost of one ride. Choosing the 80-ride variant, which is valid for half a year, one ride will cost PLN 2.50, irrespectively of our travel distance and time.

  • Prices of the other tickets will change below the inflation rate

Price changes will fluctuate between 9% and 13%.

From the 17th of October a 20-minute ticket will cost PLN 4.60 in the paper version, and PLN 4 in the electronic version.

So prices of short-term e-tickets will remain lower than those of paper tickets. They may be purchased in mobile applications and in vehicles by means of ŚKUP cards in validators, and by means of proximity payments in ticket machines, which support such payments.

Also prices of daily, weekly, and monthly tickets will change slightly.

  • Single-ride tickets without a division into the number of cities

This means that after the 17th of October the tickets will be valid during 20, 40, or 90 minutes without distinguishing the number of municipalities, in which area we are going to use the urban transport. There will be no more division into one, two, or more cities. Ultimately, but not from October, the distance tariff in vehicles will be replaced with the time tariff.

Single-ride tickets in the time tariff are used in the biggest Polish cities and conurbations. The time component is the best understandable measure of using the urban transport, in particular in places, where boundaries between cities interpenetrate. The main advantage of the time tariff consists in a possibility of making transfers within one ticket validity.

In the case of delays, if any, the time of a short-term ticket validity will be extended by the time of delay, i.e. it will be reflected in the time resulting from the timetable.

  • Tickets purchased earlier can be used

Single-ride tickets, paper and electronic tickets, purchased prior to the price list changing, can be used (validated or activated) till the end of October. In this period these tickets, in accordance with the introduced changes, will be valid only in the time tariff, not in the zone tariff.

During the next two months, till the December end, the paper tickets purchased before the change can be used, but already with a ticket supplementing to the amount resulting from the current price list. The same applies to group and daily tickets.

  • Higher charges for ‘fare dodgers’, but also a possibility to reduce the fine to PLN 50.

Also the charges for ‘dodging the fare’ will be increased, from PLN 200 to even up to PLN 550.

Till now the charge paid on site was not much higher than the price of a monthly ticket. Unfortunately, this resulted in the situation, that certain passengers made an assumption, that it was more profitable for them to pay such a fine than honestly use the urban transport.

However, there will be some exceptions to this increased charge. If the passenger has paid all previous charges, if any, or is not in debt to the ZTM, then he/she will be capable of reducing the additional charge from PLN 550 to PLN 50, provided that at the same time he/she purchases the Network 180 ticket. The mechanism is to have an educational dimension: it pays more to buy tickets than to risk a high penalty, which costs the same as the ticket for half a year. Let us remind, the price of the ticket for half a year will be unchanged (PLN 550).

In addition, the passengers, who regularly buy tickets (during half a year the overall validity period of long-term tickets and Metrotickets is at least 170 days), but for various reasons it happened to them to travel without a valid ticket, and the time from the expiry of the last personal ticket is shorter than 3 days, will be capable of obtaining the reduction of the additional charge to PLN 50.


Graphics: Zmodernizowana pętla w Rudzie Śląskiej Chebziu i zmiany w ruchu tramwajów
Zmodernizowana pętla w Rudzie Śląskiej Chebziu i zmiany w ruchu tramwajów

Po zakończeniu przebudowy pętli Chebzie i rozpoczęciu modernizacji torowiska wzdłuż ul. Dworcowej w Rudzie Śląskiej, wprowadzone zostaną liczne zmiany w funkcjonowaniu komunikacji miejskiej. Zaczną one obowiązywać od najbliższej soboty (25 maja) i obejmą ponad 10 linii tramwajowych.

Graphics: 2024 Silesian Students Festivals: Katowice starts a free bus line to the Trzy Stawy (Three Ponds Valley)
2024 Silesian Students Festivals: Katowice starts a free bus line to the Trzy Stawy (Three Ponds Valley)

The City of Katowice and the Metropolitan Transport Authority (ZTM) start a special line for the Students Festival. Buses, marked S1, will operate between the Katowice Sądowa and Osiedle Paderewskiego Trzy Stawy stops. Rides will be free of charge.