During holidays we discover the metropolis together with the ZTM

Publication date: 05.07.2019

We invite all quiz fans to participate in our holiday play. In this way we want to present interesting places in the Metropolis and to encourage to use our transport.

If anybody wants to get a gadget with the ZTM logo, should carefully watch our Facebook profile. 8 photographs will be published during this year holidays. Each of them will be covered - its parts will be uncovered like pieces of the puzzle. The published photo will have one visible part. If no proper answer - related to defining the city, place name, and at least one line, using which it is possible to get there - is given, another piece of the puzzle will be uncovered, until a competitor provides a proper answer. If - after uncovering the entire picture - a proper answer is not provided, then this part of competition will be cancelled. Publications will be made at random, on average one place per week. The first person giving the proper answer will receive a prize. Answers must be provided only under the post. Other forms will not be accepted.

A set of small gadgets will be waiting for the winner each time. As a response to the winning post the author will be asked to provide - in a private message - a password authorising to receive the prize and to indicate a Passenger Service Point (POP), in which the prize is to be collected. A prize, not collected by 13 September, will be returned to the organiser.

Participation in the competition is free of charge. The competition cannot be participated by organiser employees and by juvenile persons (verification will be made at the prize collection at the POP). The competition will last during two holiday months: July and August. We warmly invite to the play and encourage to familiarise yourself with the competition rules!

Attachments to the paper. Competition rules (in Polish)