Customer Service Points reopened

Publication date: 20.03.2020

About 40 Customer Service Points, which are largely located in kiosks and city centers, have been opened. This is the result of a large number of passenger inquiries about the possibility of, among others receiving ŚKUP cards and encoding electronic tickets on them.

For the sake of passengers and employees of CSC, the operator (mBank) has been given regulations that specify how to provide service to travelers in such places during an epidemic emergency. Despite the above, we urge those interested in visiting the Customer Service Center to be reasonable and to observe the safety instructions from the top, e.g. keep a proper distance between each other, or cover the mouth and nose properly when coughing and sneezing.

Customer Service Points are a network of about 40 points prepared by mBank for comprehensive service of the ŚKUP system. They include, among others:

  • submit an application and collect a personalized ŚKUP card,
  • unblock the ŚKUP card and return it,
  • file complaints regarding the operation of the ŚKUP card and electronic money,
  • top up the card, buy and code periodic electronic tickets on the card, code discounts,
  • collect the ordered personalized ŚKUP card.

Due to the epidemic threat, some of the CSOs may work to a limited extent and be open at other than standard hours. The POK list is in the Contact - Service Points tab.

Graphics: Masz bilet na mecz Zagłębia? Nie płacisz za podróż
Masz bilet na mecz Zagłębia? Nie płacisz za podróż

Kibice, którzy wybierają się na mecze Zagłębie Sosnowiec – Podbeskidzie Bielsko-Biała oraz Zagłębie Sosnowiec - Odra Opole będą mogli bezpłatnie korzystać z komunikacji miejskiej.

Graphics: A new minibus lines starts in Tarnowskie Góry
A new minibus lines starts in Tarnowskie Góry

The 4th of March will be the first day of a new minibus line operation in Tarnowskie Góry. The service of those parts of districts, which so far were not included in the urban transport network, will be its main advantage. Another value of the new connections will consist in the possibility of getting by them to the most important tourist attractions of the city.