Publication date: 26.05.2022

The possibility to use the urban public transport for free for citizens of Ukraine, who crossed the border in February, ends on the 31st of May. Already now we suggest, where you can buy a ticket and how to use the urban transport of the Metropolitan Transport Authority (ZTM).

The ZTM organises the urban transport in 56 cities of the Silesian Voivodeship. Based on ZTM tickets you can travel by buses, trams, and trolleybuses.

Where can you buy a ticket?

In mobile applications: SkyCash, mPay, moBILET,, and jakdojade, where you can buy single-travel tickets and 24h + Kolej (Railway) tickets. The ZTM offers also an internal application ‘Mobile ŚKUP’, which features functionalities of a ŚKUP card.

You can also buy paper and electronic tickets at ticket machines, Passenger Service Points, and numerous points of sales.

What is the Silesian Public Services Card?

This is a card, which may be used as a ticket for the ZTM urban transport.

It is divided into personalised and non-personalised cards.

Personalised ŚKUP card:

  • It contains user’s data. It can be used only by the card owner;
  • It is possible to code on it all ticket types and concession entitlements;
  • The card is issued based on an application, which can be filed via internet, via the website or at Passenger Service Points.

Non-personalised ŚKUP card:

  • It does not contain personal data, it can be used by the person, who holds the card when travelling;
  • It is possible to code on it bearer tickets, without entitlements to concessions;
  • The card is issued without additional formalities e.g. at Passenger Service Points.

After receiving both personalised and non-personalised cards, it is necessary to visit the website and define PIN and password.

By means of ŚKUP cards you can use both single-travel and season tickets. Tickets are validated in a vehicle by placing the card at a reader situated in every bus, tram, and trolleybus.

Free and concessionary rides. Learn, who can enjoy them

Free rides may be enjoyed, among others, by:

  • children up to 7 years of age
  • persons, who are 70 years of age
  • children and youth, aged 7 to 16, based on an appropriate concession encoded on the ŚKUP.

Detailed information: транспортний тариф · ZTM (

Our price list

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Graphics: Big changes in the urban transport in Gliwice. New timetables for 50 bus lines
Big changes in the urban transport in Gliwice. New timetables for 50 bus lines

The Transfer Centre in Gliwice will be officially opened on the 10th of December. However, buses will be able to use this facility already a week earlier. On the 3rd of December numerous changes will be introduced in the urban transport operation. They will comprise approx. 50 lines operating in the area of 21 municipalities.

Graphics: Facilities, which you can hear, see, or touch - about inclusive urban transport
Facilities, which you can hear, see, or touch - about inclusive urban transport

The Metropolitan Transport Authority (ZTM) summarises solutions, which are designed in particular for persons with special needs. Persons with disabilities and with reduced mobility helped to present them.