Publication date: 20.05.2022

How to organise transport in 56 cities? How the Intelligent Transport System operates in various parts of the Silesian Voivodeship? These were some of the topics discussed yesterday by the ZTM and Traffic Engineering Club representatives during a conference on the transport in cities.

During the meeting directors of the Metropolitan Transport Authority, Mr Grzegorz Kwitek, member of the GZM Management Board, and representatives of cities gave their presentations. The ZTM Director, Ms Małgorzata Gutowska, talked about challenges related to the integration of three transport organisers. - I am glad that we could share our experiences and observations. It is inspiring, when we can talk about things we have already done and how many ideas we still have up our sleeves - said Ms Małgorzata Gutowska, the ZTM Director.

Apart from issues related to the integration, the guests from the Traffic Engineering Club could listen also to e.g. the ZTM director for transport, Mr Aleksander Sobota, about metropolitan lines, director for administration, Mr Krzysztof Dzierwa, who inter alia discussed issues related to availability and social responsibility, and director for controlling, Mr Adam Sujkowski, talking about mechanisms of transport financing and settling.

The ZTM hosted also representatives of cities, who talked about the operation of Intelligent Control Systems in Tychy, Częstochowa, and Chorzów.

The conference ended with a common summarising debate and a visit to the office of the Metropolitan Transport Authority ZTM, during which the ZTM staff presented the operation of the control room of the Central Traffic Management, hotline, ticket machines, and validators, as well as discussed the BusMan system operation. 

Graphics: Podróżuj bezpłatnie podczas meczów koszykarskich
Podróżuj bezpłatnie podczas meczów koszykarskich

Uczestnicy trzech imprez koszykarskich organizowanych w Sosnowcu będą mogli korzystać z bezpłatnych przejazdów wszystkimi liniami autobusowymi, tramwajowymi i trolejbusowymi.

Graphics: Ruszają lekcje komunikacyjne
Ruszają lekcje komunikacyjne

Zapraszamy wszystkie placówki szkolne z obszaru GZM do wzięcia udziału w tegorocznych zajęciach komunikacyjnych, organizowanych przez Zarząd Transportu Metropolitalnego.